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A PST who isn't what you'd call "all there." The punchline of many jokes, a Shimo is a mix between a ginger and a strawberry blonde. A Shimo also makes smart-ass jokes while maintaining his innocence by being.... a Shimo
Did Shimo just talk?!?

Shimo would do that...

Shim you gay?
by hotsaucehotsauce September 29, 2011
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A Shitty Limo, usually the poor quality can be attributed to a destinct lack of stretch, a patchy paint job or that it is simply a people carrier with an extra wedge stuck on the back.
Dave: wooah, check out that limo, thats hot

*limo turns the corner*

Bob: No man, that shimo doesn't belong on the road it belongs in the trash, just like your mom.

Dave: what?
by GSC August 04, 2006
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thunder that occurs in the Appalachian mountains
by Frank Furter August 23, 2003
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