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An alternation of the name "chyla", Shila is meant to be one of the prettiest human beings to have ever walked the Earth. If you know a Shila, you should be proud of yourself. Shila is the bottom of the rainbow, she's the prettiest girl ever. You can't find a Shila, it's too hard, but once you find her, you will gain good luck for the rest of her life. If however, you find her and not keep her, she'll find a way to ruin your life forever.
Jason found Shila at a young age. He won the lottery the day after he married her, and the strange thing is that he never even bought a ticket. Three days later, his boss retired and made him the head of the company.
by WadaH February 06, 2010
The best friend you'll ever fiend. You can put your trust into her, and she understands. She treats your secrets like their her own. She's prettier than the stars in the sky. You can talk to her about anything. It's easy to fall in love with her. Personally I can't stop thinking about her . She's an elegant arts major. Her hair flows. She often puts her hair in a bun, even thought it's beautiful down. She has a low-self asteem. She's a great athlete. Her personality is more presciuos than other treasures in the world. her laugh is needed . When she smiles the whole world becomes bright. It's hard to see her sad. There not enough words in the world to describe Shila .she may forget you but would never forget her. You and her have the best inside jokes in the world. You like each other but you don't want to mess up your squad, so you keep it in the friends zone. Shes the greatest woman to walk the earth.
Shila:I'm bad at making friends

You: are u shitting me. Your have lots of friends . Your amazing. Keep your head up alright.
by Justinneale May 13, 2016
A compound mixed with a partial abreviation of three words. The roots are "Shit" "At" "Last". A word to be used with caution when around superiors or those who represent the educational administration.
Joe: "Im done..."
Mike: "Shilas man!"
by Josh Winter November 19, 2005
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