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The way that an oversized man or woman dresses to appear thinner than they are.
John wore a black shields over his upper body to make himself appear smaller than his actual weight so he could impress the girl he was going to meet.
by Mr. Explicit April 03, 2011
A shimmering blue orb that encircles a selected area. Repels physical objects and magic alike with the exception of silver objects.
The bullet passed clean through my Shield and exited on the other side.

"What kind of Shield do you call that?"

"They're using silver bullets."
by BartimaeusDefs October 28, 2009
to shield yourself from the public's eye, out of sight out of mind .... to protect oneself from being done harm to for the vindication process....
a condom!!!!
I shield (ed) myself very good my whole life especially 2/22/00-12/22/00.....
by blthrskt July 05, 2007
Shields is a shortened version of South Shields, a small seaside town near Newcastle, in the North East of England. South Shields is well known for it's long, sandy beaches. Locals are often referred to as "Geordies" though are more locally known as "Sanddancers". If you are from Shields, you more than likely despise Sunderland suppoerers "Mackems" and support Newcastle United (football, or "soccer" as you Americans pointlessley name it).
I live in Sunny Shields
by ShieldsKatiee July 27, 2008
The act of yelling "shield" when a bubble shield is thrown in Halo 3. This preferably happens during a ranked match in which you are totally owning the other team.
(After picking up a bubble shield)
by Frenchyy October 22, 2007