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When a person is taking a shit (in a stall), and you see there shoes and they are sick wid it.
Ali: "Hey Ernie, I was in the stall and i saw some clean "shicks". Ernie: "Nu uh!"
A dreadful combination of being sick and shitting at the same time. Stuff coming out both ends basically.
"Aw dude, I got so drunk last night I was shick in your bathroom".
"What happened to my bed? There's shick everywhere!"
by Beefy Doubles February 25, 2009
The word "sick" pronounced with a speech impediment and/or braces.
Ah shick dude.
by teeger April 11, 2009
the only word you can use to replace any curse word
Holy Shick!
What The Shick?
by Shick16 October 04, 2006
a chick that is the shit

this most easily happens for guys who have recently met a girl and is telling his friends about her and claiming they would like her cause she is the shit and a chick that is good looking
"this girl i met is totally a shick"

"no way, i cant wait to meet her"
by CorBurn August 11, 2008
a chick that is a slut and a trick
That guy Morms is such a shick.

Man, I hate shicks.
by champion13 May 25, 2011
Shit + Dick = shick... the result of your penis after anal sex when the rectum was not quite empty.
We had anal sex last night and I ended up with some serious shick.
by trobL September 15, 2009