well quite simply it is the fact that you have a shitty dick
1: aw man ive got shick
2: ewww you smell like shick
by teen-fuck June 17, 2005
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When a person is taking a shit (in a stall), and you see there shoes and they are sick wid it.
Ali: "Hey Ernie, I was in the stall and i saw some clean "shicks". Ernie: "Nu uh!"
A dreadful combination of being sick and shitting at the same time. Stuff coming out both ends basically.
"Aw dude, I got so drunk last night I was shick in your bathroom".
"What happened to my bed? There's shick everywhere!"
by Beefy Doubles February 25, 2009
The word "sick" pronounced with a speech impediment and/or braces.
Ah shick dude.
by teeger April 11, 2009
the only word you can use to replace any curse word
Holy Shick!
What The Shick?
by Shick16 October 04, 2006
When a person is turtle necking a turd at an awkward time they may choose to shove the shit right back up their anus to avoid having to excuse themselves to the toilet.
"I almost shat myself during that important business meeting so had to shick to avoid a nasty accident"
by mingsly September 29, 2014
Shit + Dick = shick... the result of your penis after anal sex when the rectum was not quite empty.
We had anal sex last night and I ended up with some serious shick.
by trobL September 15, 2009
a chick that is the shit

this most easily happens for guys who have recently met a girl and is telling his friends about her and claiming they would like her cause she is the shit and a chick that is good looking
"this girl i met is totally a shick"

"no way, i cant wait to meet her"
by CorBurn August 11, 2008

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