Plural for Sheep. Used in the same context as 1 die, 2 dice; 1 Sheep, 2 Shice.
look at that heard of shice.
by Julie June 19, 2006
Top Definition
word that is used to circumvent german word filters or censorship;
pronounciation is the same as for the german word "Scheiss", which translates into "shit"
german: Den Shice muss ich mir nicht geben
english: I don't need to take that shit
by I-O-I June 11, 2007
german-english for "shit" (or in german " scheisse " )
yo man ihr seid voll shice
by Eggmanne February 03, 2003
English pronunciation for the german word "scheiss", which means "shit".
by Jan Steffens December 23, 2002
the frozen dog shit on the sidewalk on a cold winter day
careful!..dont step in the shice!
by buffet January 19, 2008
internet slang for the german word "scheisse" ( english = "shit" ), used by german speaking kids & teens who think its cool to mix english and german language.
shice!!!!!!!!11111einseinseins ( oneoneone)

du laberst shice!! ( you talking shit!! )
by Holon September 09, 2004
Ummm... It's SCHEISSE, not schice.
Essen mein scheisse!
by Nemesis6 February 10, 2003
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