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From the Persian word "She-vah-ee," which means "Well-spoken."

A person of eloquence.
Eleanor Roosevelt is very Sheva.
by renailady February 06, 2010
A Charater on Resident Evil 5. She is your default partner and is known for her annoying sayings:
"Don't be reckless!"
"I need ammo!"
Sheva: Roger!
Chris Refield: Who's this Roger? Someone I should know about?!?
by ResidentevilFan1234 May 04, 2009
A Desperate Slut Who Likes Everybody But Doesnt Get Any One. Stay Away From Her Because Once She Gets Some She Wont Stop Annoying You!!!!
Keep This Chick Away From Me Shes Such A Sheva!!!
by hgh January 05, 2008

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