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Shervin is a persian, male, first name.

It means Lion from Mazandaran(Northern Iran), King of Lions and describes a man of honour who resembles a lion in his power, energy, rage, hunting behaviour (either hunting women or enemies), and looks (with his long hair).

The name is originated in Northern Iran where King Anushiravan ruled.
Very characteristic for a person called Shervin is his lion-hearted courage, his sense of honour and pride in his origin.
Shervin protects his hunting district and defends it against others who are logically inferior to him, because he is The King.

Historically he was a king to whom peoples came to and ask for security. He owned very much power, was feared by his enemies and respected by everyone.

In fight-situations Shervin is also called Security at times.

These words also describe Shervin very good: someone with-
honour, strength, distinction, pride, reputation, prestige, glory.
2 Girls talking: "That punk misbehaved with you?" "Yes, I feel so bad. He even offended to my country!!" "Aight, you need to call Shervin. He will pound that dog and care for your security. By the way he is very handsome, too..."
by Shervin January 16, 2005
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Someone who likes everything and likes everything that exist on facebook.
Oh Look! Shervin just liked Italy on facebook!
by ShervinLikes June 13, 2011
A man of south African origin with a penchant for buggery. A derogeratery term. Often mistaken for an Ainsley Harriett.
"Shervin eats ass, the stupid ass eating MF!"
by TSAye February 10, 2005
Some-one who thinks they know it all, but are generally just talking out of their backside.

When some-one lies and elaborates on certain subjects to make themselves look bigger/smarter, though usually ending up just looking like a fool.

Shervins can be male or female and are usually hated in their group of friends, regulary becoming the subjects of bitcing sessions.
She thinks by saying long words and talking about complicated matters and issues, she'll look big. But lets face it, she's a fucking twat who has no idea what she's talking about.
by Your Nans Leaf March 09, 2005
Shervin - AKA an Arrogant, Procrastinating, Annoying, Over-opinionated TWAT
"Man your such a Shervin"
by Bob January 31, 2005

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