Hobo wine.

18.5% alcohol that is usually used for cooking. College students and hobos drink it because of its great alcohol/price ratio.
Guy 1: I drank a bottle of Sherry last night and I woke up on a cum stained mattress in the downtown area.
Guy 2: Haha! Good ol' poor man's wine.
by Hollywood Halk August 12, 2008
Top Definition
Sherry \sh(er)-ry\ is pronounced SHARE-ee. The name is of English origin. Variation of the French "chérie" meaning "beloved". Women with this name are often described as kind, intelligent, mysterious, elegant and sexy. Usually of the most intriguing and beautiful people in the world.
Mon chérie, je vais toujours vous adore.
My beloved, I will always love you.
Sherry is so many things, but mostly she's amazing!!!
by am starstruck February 03, 2010
intelligent, elegant, mysterious, and sexy.
one of the most intriguing and beautiful women in the world.
Sherry drives me crazy but is absofreakin'lutely amazing!!!
by am starstruck February 03, 2010
1. - noun
a very hot chick that wanted to be defined on urban dictionary.
2. - verb
That chick is almost as hot and sexy as Sherry.
by am starstruck February 03, 2010
Someone with a high IQ that can make you happy and more importantly, stoned. Most likely a dealer. If you haven't smoked weed with Sherry you should immediately grab the nearest bong and seek her out. Very easy to talk to and always has a couch to sleep on. This person almost certainly owns a Snuggie. She will slay you.
Dude have you met that bad ass biotch named sherry?!?!
by hjgvjhyv gvuygvjhvj November 21, 2009
Sherry is a smokin hot, boss, with a super amazing sense of humor and style. Sherry is angelic, mysteriously magical and drives guys wild. There has never been, nor will there ever be anyone else like her, she is the greatest. She has a great taste in music, clothes, people, food, pretty much anything. And strives to make other people feel great about themselves.
Whoa!! dude, did you meet that girl sherry she is Amazing!!!
by jdghjfcvhyjjfb February 21, 2015
meaning "Beloved"
The best woman in the world! Oh Sherry! Our love/ Hold On/ Hold On!
by loveyoulongtime! February 02, 2010
a hot, tiny, girl who's tight as fuck; optimistic and doesn't live by morals because she does what makes her happy; usually ends up as a stripper
I'm gonna marry me a Sherry one day. If she ain't your dream girl, then you gotta be crazy.
by friskydingoo607 June 20, 2010
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