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A cute guy with a helluva personality. Loves deep and meaningful chats, soccer and getting other to do his work.
Come on please do it for me, I'm feeling like a shermy
by norseyemmas July 19, 2010
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Shermy is the CRAZIEST person you will ever meet. In the BEST WAY POSSIBLE!! It could be a guy (But then I think of a creepy guy) so I think it better suits a girl. She loves bright colours and anything that symbolizes an energetic lifestlyle and LOTS OF SMILES AND RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS!! Shermy is loving, and a social butterfly. Someone who's friends with EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE! She's girly, but also has a tomboy/sciency side! I LOVE HER SO MUCH AND SHE IS GREAT TO HAVE A GIRLS NIGHT WITH.... and try jousting with then baking after! She loveslovesloves bubblegum and cotton candy. Her plans in life are to marry Cody Simpson!! She figure skates and is AN AMAZING FRIEND THAT I COULDNT LIVE WITHOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3
Friend "Do you see that girl over there? She's friends with everyone!"
You "She's so nice, and pretty too!"
Both "She's a SHERMY!!"
by ILOVESHERMY May 01, 2012
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