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Busty, eyeless(?) grappler woman of the King of Fighters series (97, 98 and 2002).
The Orochi New Faces Team consists of Yashiro, Chris, and Shermie.
by Photon September 21, 2003
Hiding one's face behind one's hair so as to avoid eye contact, conversation, etc. with others. The term comes from a character in the "King of Fighters" series of video games whose eyes were always hidden by long, thick bangs.
Dude, when a woman shermies you, it likely means she's not interested.
by mz2kn3 March 18, 2007
Eyeless, busty grappler woman from the King of Fighters series of video games.
by Photon October 05, 2003
short for SHERMAN, which means a sexy, confident man.
joe said to bob: "bob, you are one sherman, oh yes you are!"
by tampon sneezer-outer February 26, 2003
a shermie or a sherm is a ugly ass person ,that is shot ,with 2 desert eagles , and RPG
yo son that bitch is SHERM !!!!
SHERMIEEEE ! damn tht bitch is shot.
by luciankartel October 17, 2010
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