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Busty, eyeless(?) grappler woman of the King of Fighters series (97, 98 and 2002).
The Orochi New Faces Team consists of Yashiro, Chris, and Shermie.
by Photon September 21, 2003
10 3
Hiding one's face behind one's hair so as to avoid eye contact, conversation, etc. with others. The term comes from a character in the "King of Fighters" series of video games whose eyes were always hidden by long, thick bangs.
Dude, when a woman shermies you, it likely means she's not interested.
by mz2kn3 March 18, 2007
7 1
Eyeless, busty grappler woman from the King of Fighters series of video games.
by Photon October 05, 2003
12 7
short for SHERMAN, which means a sexy, confident man.
joe said to bob: "bob, you are one sherman, oh yes you are!"
by tampon sneezer-outer February 26, 2003
19 15
a shermie or a sherm is a ugly ass person ,that is shot ,with 2 desert eagles , and RPG
yo son that bitch is SHERM !!!!
SHERMIEEEE ! damn tht bitch is shot.
by luciankartel October 17, 2010
4 4