When one goes looking for evidence

"Hey im going sherlocking!"

or in the sense that they have stumbled upon something stupid, or states the plain obvious

"Wow the sky is blue"

"Thats some Pro-Sherlocking"
by Gobniu August 17, 2008
Top Definition
Searching for clues pertaining to events which occur to oneself during a blackout from alcohol, drugs, etc., especially those which occer the previous night.
John was so wasted last night, he went Sherlocking this morning to figure out what happened.
by skeet40 July 20, 2009
Laying on ones back, sitting curled up in a ball, or perched on a chair with finger tips pressed against each other as is praying with chin resting on finger tips. Eyes usually staring straight forwards or closed. Sherlock-er in generally silent. This action is usually a effect of deep-thought, contemplation, relaxation, tuning another out, or most commonly entering one's mind palace.
Rather than planking , the sherlockian was sherlocking while contemplating the actions of her colleague.

John Watson caught his room mate sherlocking when he could solve a case.
by Lydia The Lord of Time October 23, 2013
Putting on two hats, one forwards, one backwards in imitation of the hunting cap oft dawned by Sherlock Holmes.
Yo bro, gimme your hat, so's I can sherlocking that
by Cats Clan June 13, 2013
The art of asking an asking an unreasonable number of questions upon first meeting a person. Often done by a sibling or other family member of a member of the opposite gender.
Damn annie, what was up with your sister sherlocking last night?
by tao of babble December 11, 2005
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