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Similar to 'thank you captain obvious'.
Something you say to a dumbass who points out a completely obvious thing!
Dumbass: "Hey, your head is on fire!"
Smartass: "Yeah, no shit, sherlock!"
by Daniel Hough April 12, 2004
When you reply to spmebody who has just stated the very obvious ''no shit,sherlock' to imply that yep, everyone knows the answer already and there pronouncement has come as no surprise.

sherlock=sherlock holmes, famed detective of yore
''hey, you got a tissue trail hanging out the back of your knickers''

''no shit, sherlock''

''but like, you've got a tissue tail hanging out the back of your knickers''

''no shit sherlock, its the latest craze!!''
by Paul'bigwords'formosa April 05, 2010
Asshole version of 'indeed'.
Sherlock: It appears as though my obsession with Moriarty has finally gotten the better of me.

Watson: No shit, Sherlock.

*Sherlock proceeds to kick the shit out of Watson.*
by vermillion22 November 18, 2013
A way of saying " No Duh " or " Obviously " but in a mean kind of way or sarcastically
Guy: What color is the sky?
Girl: Blue ./?

Guy: No Shit, Sherlock!
by SRS111222 January 25, 2012
You can reply with this when someone says something extremely obvious.
Person 1: *insert something stupid shit here*
Person 2: No Shit, Sherlock!
by Swag3tti December 21, 2015
Used as a sarcastic comment for someone who stated the obvious, using a reference to the famous fiction detective Sherlock Holmes, it can be understood as "No way, you are Sherlock Holmes!" which can actually mean "Of course, you dumbass!".
-It's hot out there.
-No shit, Sherlock!
by CesarD11 November 07, 2014
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