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A very cool looking pipe, like the one used by Sherlock Holmes.
I went to Headquaters yeasterday to get a peice, but I couldn't decide between a regular old pipe or the more expensive but cooler sherlock.
by Ryannn May 14, 2005
46 71
A marijuana pipe in the shape of a traditional tobacco pipe.
I bought a nice glass sherlock down at the head shop.
by CaoCao September 07, 2006
129 159
A lock of Cher's hair.
Mike: "So, how was the concert?"
Andrew: "Awesome, I got a Sherlock!"
by Peter-August Rivervalley January 15, 2010
36 117
an unduring term for a friend similar to homie or dawg
Comes from the famous detective Sherlock Holmes
"Wats up Homes."
"Nuttin much Sherlock."
by amanda March 11, 2005
32 122