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The act of sitting around (normally at work) wasting time and not doing the duties you have been assigned. also could be used as a to Sherk = to do nothing when you should be working.
Hey, you been busy today?
Dude, i was sherking big time!

Im gonna sherk all day today!
by Kookye June 05, 2007
- shitting and jerking off at the same time
Hey Baby - Last night I was sherking, shitting my pants while dreaming of fucking YOU.
by joe February 18, 2005
Masturbating in the shower.
Brian: What took you so long, were you sherking again?
by LionelFritzyJungle June 06, 2010
Shitting one's self during the dance of twerking.
She knew she shouldn't have gone to the dance club with an upset stomach because she ended up sherking herself.
by DB1220 August 20, 2015
the act of jerking your dick off while defecating
When Timmy was done sherking he wasn't sure if he should pinch it off or blow his load on the floor.
by flyboy04950 December 21, 2009
Australian slang for making someone carry the blame, responsibility etc For your actions or lack of. In reference to the sherpas of the Himalayas who had to carry all of the gear up the mountain for lazy westerners.
Look at Billy sitting back while George takes all the blame. He is sherking responsibility for his actions. He is such a sherker
by Wulfgang January 22, 2015
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