A man with a plan, and everyhting he says.....GOES! He is featured on many FOX police chase shows and struts his stuff. Walking through a minefield without fail. Walking through a tornado and his hair is still perfectly shaped! He is everywhere at every time, and ready to piss you off, or save your life!

So get ready, this is going to be a FAST ride!
"This bohemian bovine bastard skyrockets down the highway at triple digit speeds, but that's no match for the police officers 320 HORSES!"
by D. Hunter March 18, 2005
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Top Definition
Has the whitest teeth known to man.
"I'm sheriff John Bunnell."
by Monkeyseat December 28, 2004
Sheriff John Bunnell is a legend
by Bradley Williamson October 20, 2003
The host of the Fox Network television show 'The World's Wildest Police Videos'. Known for his level of hyperbole in his descriptions of the on-screen action.
see the show for an example
by fixman88 August 16, 2004

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