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A girl of strong character and high morals. She's always there for you when you need a friend to talk to. She is very genuine and pretty funny. She's like the girl next door. She tends to be quiet but she is very friendly and open once you get to know her.
Girl: Have you met Sherelle?
Guy: Yes, she is a very cool person
by AidanT October 06, 2011
51 9
One word....amazing.
Sherelle's boyfriend's friend: "Sherelle is so freakin' amazing!"
Sherelle's boyfriend: "I know, be jealous...bitch"
by Mwahahhahahahhahahhaha April 11, 2011
42 5
she is often late and unreliable but is still a good friend, she dribbles when shitting, and can be very aggresive
i just did a sherelle in the toilet
by plopitompalustiglocous April 07, 2011
16 35