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The chunks of aged dirty sweat collected overtime which form a half solid, half liquid cottage cheese type substance. Sherdoggers can usually be found attached to the hair follicles between the anus and the scrotum, also known as the taint. Sherdoggers usually find comfort in this area because it's warm and close to the cock the so often crave. They are often confused with dingle-berry’s but are lighter in color with a more distinct and pungent odor. If left un-treated Sherdoggers can spread to the UG (Underground) in attempts to dumb down its members and tarnish its reputation with their lack of knowledge and endless supply of keyboard warrior posts. When encountering Sherdoggers please remember to VTFD and advise them to GTFO!
Awe shit! I just wiped my ass and noticed sherdoggers on the TP. Now I have to go shave my taint before my next post.
by Dr. Bansherdoggerz August 04, 2010

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