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when you think your getting the real thing, but its really not. It's's getting shemped!
Well the best example is when your all siked to watch the original three stooges....and you turn it on, and its shemp! other examples
my friends went last week to see the blink 182 concert..when they got there weezer filled in for them as the headliner...they got shemped!
by SomeGuyTshirt September 10, 2009
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Tuning in to the Three Stooges, and getting Shemp instead of Curly, disappointment, getting ripped off, remourse. Shitty, cheap, crappy.
Dude one: "Wow this pizza sucks."
Dude two: "Yeah we got shemped."

Dude one: "I think I bought bag of oregano, this is not weed."
Dude two: "You fucktard, you got shemped."
by Dark Doom March 20, 2011

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