The word orginated from Travis helm!
Someone whos unatanible, but you just cant get over!
" aww hes so shelm why cant i stop likeing him??"
by Travishelmiwannafuckurbrainsout November 18, 2003
Top Definition
HOTTIE! Fucking hot guy who you wanna bang so bad! Hes so damn great funny, your suprosed hes single! A guy who dont know you like you, but u wish he did!
" wow hes shelm, why dont you like me, I feel like screming it out at the top of my lungs!"
by Travishelmiwannafuckurbrainsout November 18, 2003
Something sexy, or fine !
Damn Travis helm is lokkin might shelm today
by Travishelmiwannafuckurbrainsout November 18, 2003
a term describing a reaaaly sexxxxay guy!!
kyles fucking shelm!!
by JENENENENEN November 26, 2003
A guy, ususally older then you by a year, who is very hot, funny and great!
Shelm is a discribing word basically meaning, Wow what a hot guy! Shelm also means someone who is at the top of the list, an A+!
"on the count of three turn around!... ow ow! now that is shlem!"
by Travassiloveyou November 19, 2003
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