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(similar to one existing def.-but expanded!)

length of time of physical and/or sexual desirability in a human. a reference to body parts 'gone/going bad' due to lack of maintenance, genetics, and/or 'human chronological erosion'

-'goods' 'for sale', only at their 'prime' for a "limited" time!!

a sunny, optimistic, "good personality" (other skills?) MAY sometimes offset this!
that babes' shelf life is increasingly SHORT!

his beer gut is superseded by his million dollar payday, extending his shelf life.

the old fool imagined his shelf life hadn't expired 20 years previous...

the shelf life of that perky butt is questionable!!
by michael foolsley July 01, 2012
When a girl got a bodonkadonk adonk big enough to put a book on it. Hence, the booty becomes a shelf and can last a lifetime
Adia's booty just keeps on growing. She got that shelf life. Good for the bedroom boom.
by Squeezy Peezy December 08, 2011
Refers to the time duration in which a pair breasts are free from the undesirable effects of time. Sagging, stretching, veining, and etc.
A set of DD's will have a lower shelf life than a nice firm set of C's.
by Langerangatang June 16, 2010
This is where a male or female has a relationship with someone who is off and on with them.
Who uses them for their pleasure, when they feel like it and then 'puts them on the shelf' when they have got what they want.
Person: Yeah im living a bit of a shelf life at the moment
by Shelf-Liver March 14, 2005
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