Sheis, an abbreviation of the German word "Sheiser" meaning shit
Sheis, my brother seems to have pissed on his bed linen again
by Doiminic Simms April 13, 2006
Top Definition
Unusually beautiful girl with a unique sense of humor. Can make a man weak at the knees with one smile. She is often sarcastic and has a fiery temper but ferociously protective of those she loves. Prefers long terms relationships and is always loyal. Extremely sexy and sexual but not willing to compromise morals. Often mistaken for moody due to her sensitive nature. Passionate and blazing, she exudes raw emotion and mystery. Hard to get, but once she is your, she is yours for life.
"Damn, you see that chick?"
"Shei for sure"
by Facts of life 101 May 15, 2013
Another word for "shit." Typically used as an exclamation to bad or unexpected news.
Cliff: "My fiber-depleted diet has tore open my tender butthole."

T: "SHEI!"
by timothyc273 October 16, 2012
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