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The word sheg is usually used by Jamaicans to describe something being messed up or fucked up, disorderly.
Di weed sheg him up!

Watch how her head sheg up!
by DBeauty May 20, 2007
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Shit-Dawg (shawg) with a twist
haha as if that happened, sheg
by m-dot. July 19, 2010
A term that can be used universally to complete any sentence, in any scenario.
She shegged her responsibilities by not showing up today.
by DMoo5 December 04, 2009
In Scotland this as an alternative to "shag" used when referring to a dirty shag, a shag you disapprove of.
did she sheg him? that's disgusting!

she shegs anything, what a whore.

you can't sheg him, he has chlamydia
by Kaaat May 03, 2008
Mainly used in south west England, a word to describe a friend or acquaintance. Can be either male or female.
1. Alright "sheg" how is it going. 2. Get on "sheg"
by Subway Hat Ram March 09, 2013
People who go 'Miiiiiing' and 'Ooooouggghhhhh', whilst pulling a stupid face and jumping up and down, flapping your arms.
Emma Whitaker "She a sheg"
Georgia Wood "Omg what a sheg"
by SHEGGOOO MIGHTOOO March 26, 2009

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