SHEEPLE - What flocked up Americans have turned into.
When we take money from the rich and give it to the FEDS then it just gets pulled out of the economy and is wasted on sheep shit. The rich spend money to hire workers, who in turn buy things, which keeps our economy ramming and jamming. It's time to wake up sheeple.
by pinball queen August 07, 2009
sheep + people = sheeple
Really stupid people.
They're a bunch of sheeple.
by The Smart People of the World April 30, 2003
Word used to describe any group of people subscribing to a shared doctrine or system of beliefs, although accurately applied only in in situations where the beliefs or doctrines are used deliberately to control their adherents.

Also used inaccurately by angst-ridden (ie virgin) teenagers and Korn fans (not always the same thing, strangely) to describe those older, richer, better looking, better dressed, more sexually successful etc... than themselves.
"Hey dude. Look at all those smart, good looking, well-dressed sheeple out there getting laid, laughing and generally having the times of their lives. I'm sure glad I ain't like that. Baaaaaaaa Baaaaaaa"
by Dazzla October 01, 2003
The majority of the ignorant US population who are completely brainwashed and heavily influenced by Fox News and lost most of their brain cells from drinking fluoride water their entire life which has caused them to have the same IQ as a sheep.
The ignorant sheeple of America actually believe 19 skinny muslims with boxcutters defeated a 3 trillion dollar defense system on 9/11. HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHA
by anti-sheeple February 10, 2009
people who add line after line of definitons like morons.
Baaaaaaaaa!!!! Your all sheeple!!!!
by josh July 20, 2004
People who ignore the acts of government in there lives and proceed to do nothing to change what they do to represent them in an office of power.

Synonym: Conservative
The state of West Virginia is full of sheeple.
by Jonathan Miller April 07, 2005
What kids and teenagers have become because of the liberal and socialist takeover of academia at all levels.
By the time your typical teenager goes to college, they have reached the full level of sheepleness.
by The-Jarhead December 15, 2004

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