A derogatory term for Welsh people used mainly by the English
Iwan Jones is a right sheep shagger
by Rich Lawson May 22, 2005
Top Definition
A common insult of Welsh people
You sheep shagger!
by bno September 07, 2003
An insult hurled at new zealanders, by australians mostly. it is a reference to the sheep prominence in new zealand- ten sheep to every person. sheep cant breed that fast on their own, so the "sheep shaggers" help
Kiwi: we fucked you aussie's up in the rugby union!!

Aussie: go fuck a sheep, ya sheep shagger.

Kiwi: leave my mutton out of this...
by Albert Aussie September 03, 2005
Someone who prefers the sexual company of sheep
That Adrian Jones is a right sheepshagger
by Dave Steele September 25, 2003
A person who sneaks into a farm and has sexual intercourse wuth them.
john:hey guess what i saw?


John:Mel Gibson sneaking into a farm

Terry:That dirty sheep shagger
by Antony Davies (aka:Mavis) May 04, 2005
Put-down given to someone or peoples that live in the wilderness where there are mroe sheep than people.

See wales.
by Gumba Gumba March 21, 2004
someone who lives in a secluded place surrounded by farms which they visit during the evening time
He was accused of being a sheepshagger
by staggie April 01, 2003
see " Aberdonian "
Here, there's that Aberdonian boy, he's a real sheepshagger
by S-------- June 02, 2006
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