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1. An individual who tends to sheep.

2. A Homosexual, usually used as an insult. Derived it's origins from the 2005 film, Brokeback Mountain in which to the two main characters who are Homosexual are also Sheep Herders.
1. "The Sheep Herder walked with his flock, tending to them."

2. "That guy tried to grab my jock, what a Sheep Herder."
by Throbbin P. Ness June 18, 2006
1. One who makes a legitimate living by herding sheep; a sheppherder.
2. One who gets his jollies from and with sheep; a sheeprammer.
1. Jeez-a-peetz, look at that guy herd his sheep!
2. Holy hell, that guy's a sheep herder!
by Tak a Lah August 29, 2003
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