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A person who can't get enough of Charlie Sheen WINNING.

One whose daily life is interrupted with constant thoughts of Charlie Sheen BI-WINNING.

One who is obsessed with watching/talking about Charlie Sheen, and his antics.
I've seen every interview that Charlie Sheen has given in the last week; I am a Sheeniac.

I compare every situtaion in my life to Charlie Sheen; I am a Sheeniac.

Because I am a Sheeniac, when I don't know how to handle a situation I often ask myself, "WWSD," or, "what would Sheen do?"

I haven't gone to work this week because I can't stop watching clips of Charlie Sheen on youtube. I think I may be a Sheeniac.
by sheeniac1 March 04, 2011
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