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When you rub your hand down someones face.

Alternative Sheebas:
Sweaty Sheeba: When you spit on your hand and rub it down someones face.
Chocolate Sheeba: When you stratch your ass then rub it down someones face.
Cheesy Sheeba: When you rub your hand all over your cock and rub it down someones face.
Fruity Sheeba: Fruitjuice
Double Sheeba: 2 handed sheeba
Double Sweaty Sheeba: Same as above but with spit...

You can basically make your own sheebas up just by putting different things on your hands and rubbing it down someones face...

NOTE: When you perform a sheeba you must shout sheeba after youve done it...
Scott: SHEEBA!!!
John: Ewwwww Your Sick Man!....
Scott: Fuck you...
by ScottC July 27, 2006

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