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(Verb) When you take a shit and eat at the very same time.
Last tuesday Franklin the turtle had to shit and hadnt eaten all day.
So franklin decided to save time by sheating.
by Calvin Broadus III January 23, 2010
7 1
The act of ingesting sustenance whilst evacuating one's bowels
The Kraken relished so much in his mother's meatloaf and mashed potatoes that he did not want to pause from his meal as he felt the need to drop a massive deuce, instead he decided to take part in a little sheating session in order to reconcile both needs.
by El_Duderin0 March 06, 2011
8 1
Eating while taking a shit.
I love sheating, infact, last night I ate half a pizza while taking a crap.
by DJIVB January 18, 2012
4 1