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Irish professional wrestler on WWE Monday night Raw. He has become the WWE Champion for the second time. Stands out due to his huge physical built, ginger hair, and white skin. A good wrestler and the most interesting in WWE so far. Sheamus is "not a flash in the pan" as he himself stated. Sheamus is on WWE to stay.
Sheamus looks mean but in real life he is a good fella.
by Sheamus fan September 04, 2010
An extremely white person.
Look at that sheamus over there! He's like a walking jar of mayonnaise!
by Dezine July 30, 2010
an irish name, referring to the absolute and undeniable coolness of the bearer. commonly short, and incredibly hench, a sheamus can be found in his natural habitat (pub), either resting (passed out in the toilet), hunting for prey (drunk birds gagging for a shag), or, more commonly, pissing in some alleyway, wondering just how the fuck he got there, and why some guy is staring at his dick.
Guy one: Dude, is that a sheamus over there?

Guy two: Over where?

Guy one: There, chatting to that girl who passed out about half an hour ago!

Sheamus: Hey baby, you wanna come back to my place?

Girl: *Drools, slumps over*

Sheamus: Yeahh, babyy.
by henry the eighth May 27, 2008
nicknamed originating from ireland or scotland. a person who inherently fails at everything he or she sets out to accomplish in life, masking his or her mediocrity with a noticeably forced display of nonchalance and happiness whilst in public, donning the plastic and somewhat smug characteristic some describe as the 'perma-smile'.

in more intimate settings, the alone 'sheamus' can be found whimpering in fetal position over the inescapable reality of his or her repressed sadness, often located weeping in front of mirrors or in the shower.
friend 1: man, tom sure is always happy!

friend 2: yeah, because he's a sheamus, dude. my dorm walls are paper thin, his loud sobbing at night always keeps me up.
by densie June 21, 2009
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