Cool, funny, smart, and fun to be around. A sweetheart but if you mess with her you'll probably be bitch slapped. Prankster, jokes around a lot, hilarious, and talented. Hot, fine, sexy, gorgeous but doesn't come easy.
Pick her, she's a shazma
by JAke234156 April 28, 2011
A stunning mix of brains and athleticism, with a kind and loving heart.
That girl scored 28 points; she is definitely a Shazma.
by gommy51 February 04, 2010
(1)shazma- meaning to expel smelly air from the lungs.

(2) shazma- abnormal lung sounds like extreme wheezing, rhonchi, rales, and crackles from witch you are able to hear from afar.

(3)shazma- slow moving liquid shit. aka shit lava.
-Man that guy has shazma coming out of his mouth. It's making my eyes tear.
-that person is choking on his own shazma.
-It smells like shazma in here!
- Did someone shazma them self??
-She a fountain of shazma!
-he sound like he's full of shazma.
by krn83 coastal February 02, 2011

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