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Drinking copious amounts of alcohol at a time. Usually seen binge drinking and drunk at all hours of the day.
"You pulled a Shaver last night"

"Did you see that 26er she chugged? What a Shaver!!"
by ispy123 April 11, 2010
The collective term for two people become physically attached and are never separated. They are constantly either together or looking for each other. They manage to annoy everyone by leeching in the most public of public spaces.
Oh look shavers are at it again
by Thorns2011 January 24, 2011
A meat-headed jock that has done sooo many steroids that it made his penis miniscule. He thinks he's hot, but reality hasn't hit him yet. Cat shit covered in sand looks better than he ever will. He thinks he's good at football but all he's really good at is warming the left bench, for all of the other good-looking football players.
Christopher Shaver
by VaJJMcBadass May 16, 2011
someone who shaves his pubes
norquay is a shaver because he shaves in a public washroom and clogs the drain
by Caolan December 19, 2005
Something that everyone who's been called a Piyush should have in their possession.
You are a Piyush. Buy a shaver, please.
by Shaver Salesmen May 13, 2005
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