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(Pronounced shuhr-vuhri) A fairly rare name of an Indian girl that means "night", or "twilight", or "the period between sunset and sunrise". Is given to a female who is most likely Hindu. Also the name of the Hindu Goddess Sharvari. Sharvari Devi is an incarnation of Hindu Goddess Shakti (Parvathi). This name is often mispronounced by people of countries other than India. People knowing a Sharvari also find it amusing that Sharvari rhymes with such words as sorry, February, or Ferrari. Sharvaris' are also often artistic and creative, open minded, and free-spirited. They care a lot about others and value what other people think. People named Sharvari are usually ridiculously attractive.
Sorry, Sharvari...oh, that rhymed!
by daangson January 28, 2011
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