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Noun: Male of the utmost extreme hotness. Having the power to attract; pleasing to the eye and mind; charming.
a. Sharukh. He's so hot right now. Sharukh.

b. Sharukh, Sharukh, Sharukh is on fire.
by Mariposa July 13, 2004
One of the greatest actors of our time. OMG he is the best. He can sing, dance, and act. He's a triple treat! I've seen all his movies like ten times! I have the same gap sweater that he has and it is sweet.
Alcott's favorite actor is Sharukh Kahn.
by Sharukh January 14, 2005
Sharukh is a very popular actor who is from the Middle East. He has been in tons of films and is popular here in the USA. He is super hot and i wish he would visit me sometime. It is also rumered that he is a big time crack dealer and sells illigal weaponry. I actually bought a class 3 auto from him D:
Sharukah, he aint no busta for sho
by -P Rens- January 14, 2005
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