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A sharticle is any piece of airborne debri resulting from a shart, which is an act halfway between a shit and a fart.
Stray sharticles in the public restroom landed on Hugo's toothbrush while he attempted to clean his teeth at work.
by His Goochness August 04, 2008
16 7
The airborne, but not solid gas particles, emmited while sharting.
Edweirdo's shart was so nasty, he stained the seat with sharticles.
by Estacada James September 24, 2006
31 4
The small, brown floaties in the water left after a particularly rank tub fart.
Marilyn had been enjoying her long bathtub soak, but jumped out as soon as she saw a handful of sharticles float by.
by ammster March 29, 2010
20 7
1. Particles of shart.
2. A shart is a shit and a fart combined into one large release of bodily waste.
The hippo was flicking around sharticles with it's tail.

The shit and fart particles were flying around.
by neeeeners October 07, 2011
2 1
An article emailed to others while taking a shit.
I sent my friends a sharticle from Pulse while on the porcelain throne!
by Tito55 July 07, 2013
0 1
a fart "particle" that exudes from the anus during flatulation.
"Dude, i tried to my undies are full of fuckin sharticles. Good thing my girlfriend does the laundry."
by germy1979 April 22, 2010
2 3
the small pieces or particles of feces that cause pink eye
The sharticles on her pillow caused her to get pink eye
by BEASTLY T January 29, 2010
6 7