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To suddenly try to become closer to a member of the opposite sex before an important social event, solely for the purpose of asking them/ being asked to that social event.

Can be used in other forms, such as sharped, sharp, sharps, etc.

Dude, why are you hanging out so much with that Alison girl lately?
Oh, I'm sharping her, I want to take her to prom.

Hey, you know Shannon's only trying to sharp you, right? She wants to go to formal with you.

by Dr. English April 08, 2009
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(verb) To mark the thigh of a woman during oral sex with a small mark or symbol using an indelible marker. Commonly done where the woman cannot easily see herself and meant to warn future partners that the woman has been "sharped" before.
Guy 1 "I was sharping that one chick, and I noticed your brand."
Guy 2 "Yeah, I went down on her. It looked like Jimmy and four other guys sharped her in the last few months too. Total skeez."
Guy 1 "Whore."
by JohnsMom February 06, 2011
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