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Raised by sharks, inhabitor and protector in Planet Drool, best friend, counterpart and most likely future lover of Lavagirl; he rides on a cool shark-like motorcycle, does kick ass martial arts and has quite a temper. Or in other words, Taylor Lautner pre-Jacob -- at his best.
Silly girl: "OMG Jacob is soooooooo hot!"
Awesome girl: "You mean Sharkboy?"
by i<3tay'n'tay December 20, 2009
A pussy slaying, mother fucking, pimpen bad ass.
Girl#1: who is that guy, he is so cool?!?
Girl#2: yeah I know he is such a sharkboy.
by TB( but not tuberculosis) May 31, 2016
a pro wrestler who is relly coll, hes stolen the gimmic from stone cold steve auston
if any 1 wants to see ol shark boy beat the livin hell outa these lowly maggots give me a HELL YEH!
by smixan May 02, 2008
Ryan Famiglietti
Ryan: fast like a shark
person one: what the fuck
person two: ignore him that's just sharkboy
by itsyaboiiii October 19, 2015
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