"Pulling of a SharKTanK" - capping the (winning) flag in the last 20 seconds of the game, can also be used in other gametypes
Omg, i pulled of a sharktank in that game versus fe, they were so pissed about it they left the server without saying anything
by guy March 29, 2005
Top Definition
The "Shark Tank" refers to HP Pavilion in San Jose, Ca. It's home to the popular San Jose Sharks hockey franchise which played it's first NHL game at the "Shark Tank" around 1993.
Dude, the "Shark Tank" was rocking last night when they won in overtime.
by Shark fan April 28, 2006
A television program on US network ABC, where hopeful entrepreneurs pitch their idea to five investors and see if any of them take the bate.
Hey Mary, it's Friday! Shark Tank is on tonight!
by Telephony August 02, 2014
To go down on a woman who has her period while in a hot tub.
"I knew she was on the rag, but I went down on her in my parents' hot tub anyway--it was a total shark tank in there."
by les chussies December 04, 2009
HP Pavilion, in San Jose. Home of the NHL's San Jose Sharks, is better known as "the shark tank" or "the tank".

The always energetic crowd reflects their love of the Sharks and is always willing to get them fired up.
The Shark Tank was booming after the fight finished.
by sjsharkattack March 08, 2009
The very feared gang at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, CA. It is revered by many people who walk around the school, not wanting to mess with anybody for fear of being killed. The Shark Tank gang is rivals with the Fish Bowls, a waterpolo gang.
Ohh shit, here come some Shark Tanks. Don't look them in the eyes!
by Paul February 27, 2005
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