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Born out of necessity, a true follower of the worlds oldest and most complete system of martial arts. They are put through some of the most grueling and demanding training at the Buddhist Songshan temple in China, Austria, or New York, where ever they happen to be, which in the end has produced some of the most skilled and talented warriors this world has ever had the privilege of beholding.

These guys do iron groin training...sounds like time for an image search, eh?
Oh man! I made fun of that bald guy in the orange robe and he put his big toe through my chode.

You - oh master i wish to be a shaolin monk!

Shaolin Monk - yes student that will be fifty dollars.

You - ....

Shaolin Monk - CHEEYAH!!!!!!!!

You - *dead*
by Galvin Blascock March 20, 2007
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