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A combination of shame and anger. Taken from United States of Tara, season two, episode 10.
My therapist used to tell me I suffered from shanger.
#shame #anger #shaynger #shrink #shanger
by 0scart November 25, 2012
A type of hanger in a closet which accommodates the strings on blouses and other female clothing using two hooks or indentations.

Compounded from the words "She" and "Hanger"
"Henry pulled his shirt from the hanger but it kept sticking. He realized it was a shanger and lifted, not pulled the shirt off.
#bitch hanger #sh-hanger #she-hanger #hag hanger #wanger
by kurrupt1976 June 17, 2009
Also spelled "Shaynger", this word blends the usage of the name Shane and the word anger. Being shangry is one step past anger, often defined as hostility with urge to physically attack.
Kirt: "Can you cover my shift?"

Shane: "Why the hell should I have to do that?"

Kirt: "Don't unleash your Shanger on me"


I asked Shayne to take my work order, and he got all shangry on me.
#shane #shayne #angry #pissed #anger management
by PalatialGabe November 17, 2010
another name for a man-whore
Raffy: dat breh is a shanger!
Sindy: wa you mean?
Raffy: he's lashed bareee gyals from d endz!!
Sindy: skeeen
#man whore #male skettle #wastebreh #loose breh #mr sexalot
by Danzi November 08, 2005
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