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The anger you feel when you really need to shit but cannot find a bathroom quick enough.
I have to poop so bad but there is no public bathroom nearby. I'm so f'ing shangry!
#pangry #shitty #angry #rectum rapids #poop
by msD901 January 21, 2015
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Shame and anger expressed in the same instance.
I am so shangry for breaking my phone over the bar like that.
#anger #shame #embarrassment #rage #depression
by ShangryMan March 17, 2014
Extreme body shakes, especially in the hands, due to lack of food in your system. Low blood sugar causing body shakes due to intense phyical workout. Body shakes due to extreme hunger.
I have the shakes because I'm so hungry. I'm so shangry becasue I didn't eat all day.
#shakes #hungry #workout #starving #food
by eyeballs-click December 09, 2014
angry + hungry = hangry
sad + angry + hunger = shangry

sad and angry about your hunger
I'm hungry but not for anything I have in my fridge...not even garlic bread! I'm so shangry.
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by Moobalin January 08, 2016
A state of anger brought on by wearing uncomfortable shoes.
These heels are cute but they've been killing me. I wore them out last night and by the time I got home I was totally shangry. I think I was getting a bit snippy with my date.
#anger #shoes #heels #uncomfortable #clothing
by bamboozler_b April 26, 2012
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