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A obsessive compulsion to constantly flip upside-down shampoo bottles, to ensure they are right side-up. This causes confusion when the user realizes that the bottle was in fact designed to look upside-down, even though it is right side-up. Bringing the individual to think twice their every move, and increasing their level of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Kathy: Hey Sally, did you leave this bottle upside down?
Sally: No...
Kathy: No one else lives here Sally
Sally: Well maybe it's one of those...
Kathy: <interrupts> I'll kill you!1#1!!1@!!!!zomgwutdafuq!!@!111

That my friends is a Shampooper... Don't be a Shampooper.
by sovrac July 10, 2013
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When one partner squeezes shampoo from a bottle into the rectum of the second partner, followed by the 2nd partner "pooping" the shampoo into the hair of the first partner either in the bath or shower.
I know you said she was kinky, but she had me do a shampooper and my anus has never been so shiny and flake free.
by Frozen Burrito September 08, 2011
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