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to spread around. Frequently used in reference to sexual activity or usage of cocaine.
All she needed was some shami to sham it up.
by Cool Shami Guy May 18, 2010
8 5
slang - colloquial term for events instigated by matchstick men, a type of con.
"Look at the shami they've got themselves into!"
"It's a beautiful shami!"
by Babysha Mimi February 21, 2006
10 9
1. more than one shamu, as in the eternal puerto rican whale that never dies.
2. a herd of overweight woman walking down the street.
A. Dude i went to seaworld last week.
B. no way.
A. yes way
(overweight women enter)
B. whoa look at dat
A. yea looks like the Shami escaped.
B. Word.
A. I love you Matt
B. Dude your so gay
by Khiddblue September 05, 2008
5 14