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A beautiful, amazing girl that is wanted by many men, yet she is unattainable because she is too independent herself. She's usually tall, thin, with amazing brown eyes and wavy dark brown hair. Obsessed with order, tidiness and sophistication, yet still knows when to have fun. She thinks logically; maths is her favourite thing, she is very intelligent. She knows how to split fun and work, and does a very good job at it. She's an amazing friend to everyone, too. You can ALWAYS rely on her no matter what. She's always there. Loves good food, and eats like a pig no matter how thin she is. She can make you laugh, cry, and smile no matter who you are. Even though she's popular, she has that one best friend she loves with all her heart and would do anything for her; she'd do the same back. She loves banter and having a good time. She's emotional, yet strong. Everyone loves her and would do anything to be like her.
Person 1: Who's this girl in our maths class? She's so clever.
Person 2: Oh that's Shameen. She's pretty as well, no?
Person 1: She's stunning.
by #DudetteEatingNuggets January 01, 2013
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A beautiful busty woman. A tigeress of sorts. Suprisingly in chinese zodiac usually defined as a tiger. A shameen might be dark and sultry in aura with a bright and sunny disposition.. A strong, intellegent woman associated with a butterfly tattoo.
Guy 1: "Damn look at that Shameen."
Guy 2: "woah.. she's smokin'!"
Guy 1: "Go talk to her!"
Guy 2: "No way, she'll turn me down! You do it!"
by ReformedNtakenSlutbucket<3 April 30, 2008
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