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Adjective. The state of being where one's life is in "shambles." Typically occurs the morning after fraternity parties or during exam weeks.
That girl looked quite shambly on her walk of shame this morning.
by Fratthew April 02, 2010
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Adj. When one is in a state of confusion in which their life is disorderly and chaotic; also used to describe when one is disheveled, haggard or just a complete mess.
I am so shambly I spend more money on booze than food
by tarynNmark February 23, 2011
In reference to "in shambles" ; everything is falling apart
"This is a shambly mess!"
"Reid, shambly is a real word!"
"That slawcat is a shambly mess!"
by aintnothing7 November 23, 2014

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