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Arabic. Feminine. A name meaning "beautiful fragrance".

Shamama "Queen Mother" is also the female incarnation of Buddha. As in the Buddhas of Bamiyan.
Shamama is a girl I met.

Her name was Shamama.
by truthspeaks88 July 03, 2013
A person of Israeli decent who loves to nosh on food and act like a common African American thug. A Shamama's high level of ghettoness is only exceeded by his game spitting abilities. Shamamas can not control themselves around women; in their constant pursuit of pussy they will tirelessly mack it up with the ladies and have been known to spit game at multiple hoes for hours at a time.
A shamamas only downfall is in his ability to turn his in a given direction on demand. Without proper stretching prior to macking a ho a shamama can fail in his quest for the pussy.
Max-"woah look at the shamama spitting game at 8 girls at once"
Saul-" o wow what a player"
Shamama- "why you gotta hate on a playa tryin to spit at a trick?!"
by titty ho August 05, 2007
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