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A goobertastically delicious modified ice cream sandwich. It's made by removing one chocolate side of a regular ice cream sandwich ... shoving peanut M&Ms into the vanilla ice cream ... then placing Oreo cookies that have been carefully split with cream side face outward (for the side that has the cream) ... finally replace the removed chocolate sandwich side and enjoy the best dessert you'll have had in a long while.
After getting the ice cream sandwich from the freezer and noticing the Oreos in the cookie jar and the peanut M&Ms in the candy bowl, he realized it was the perfect storm of dessert ingredients ... he could make himself a legendary Queen Mother.
by G Schmoe June 22, 2009
3 3
taken from the cult series "bo selecta!"queen mother is another word for fucker.
as the character michael jackass says "queen mother.....fucker".
by peelay January 09, 2004
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