Correction: The song was written by Mike Davis for the movie Animal House. It was performed by Lloyd Williams who sang the part of Otis Day. DeWayne Jessie was the actor who portrayed Otis Day on-screen but he was lip synching to Lloyd Williams' vocals.
You put the shama lama ding dong in my shoobie doobie doo.
by KublaConn November 03, 2007
Top Definition
Writer/ Director of such Hollywood hits as "The Sixth Sense" and "The Happening".
As in M. Knight Shama Lama Ding Dong
by H0T Karl October 15, 2009
Lyrics from a song originally written by Lloyd Williams, it was used in National Lampoon's Animal House as sung by Otis Day (DeWayne Jessie) and the Knights, and has been putting ooooh-mau-mau, oh-oh-oh-ohs back into thier smiles ever since they made the transition from fictional band to real life.
Did you hear that Otis Day and the Knights is coming to town?
Shama Lama ding dong! Let's get tickets!
by Leenis November 05, 2006
when you love someone more than they love you.
I shamalamadingdong you.
by mike September 27, 2004
the act of getting one's dick blown while watching an M. Night Shyamalan film (director of The Sixth Sense, Signs, The Village)
Marty couldn't enjoy the rest of the film because Sam and Vanessa were shamalamadingdonging so loudly next to him.
by theg0rd0n April 01, 2009
This is yet another word used to describe that specific part on the male anatomy, the proper name being "penis" although it is rarely called that as there are endless slang words for it. This slang is usually used to describe this part in a humorous or comical sense. or used when the speaker is to immature to use the proper name. We all know what that's like, just think back to your Elementary School health classes.
GIRL 1: *slams bathroom door and runs out*
"Holy fuck, holy fuck! I just saw your brothers Shamalamadingdong! Does he not know how to lock a freaking door?
GIRL 2:*laughs hysterically*
"I guess not... so was it big?
*laughs hysterically again*
GIRL 1:*rolls eyes*
"You're disgusting... and yes actually it was...he wouldn't happen to have a girlfriend would he?
GIRL 2:"No"
GIRL 1:"Awesome!"
GIRL 2:"... he does happen to be gay though..."
by Maliyah June 13, 2008
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