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a combination of the Jewish word shalom meaning "peace and good will" and the modern term holla.


A)as a hip greeting or leaving statement between friends and homies

B)as a celebratory words after a successful endeavor.
Walk into a room: "Shalla"

Make a 3 pointer: "Shalla"

Leaving a group of brothas and sistas: "Shalla"
by Mic. T May 06, 2009
Italian slang for 'don't you worry' or 'relax', most used in young people and high school students. Shalla's for girls and shallo for boys
_fuck, bro today there's the history test and I studied nothing!
_Shalla! today no test, next week, relax!
by guybrush treepwood January 25, 2013
We're not in a bad situation
When a person is afraid of something, just say "shalla" to communicate that the fear is ummotivate
by simonez May 30, 2006

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